"As we settle up, Faris reveals that she’s toying with an idea for a movie about a drunk, louche nanny working at a resort in Hawaii. The lead is inspired, she tells me, by Bridget Fonda’s character in Jackie Brown. “She’s like a big stoner, super-sexy in her bikini top and jean shorts. She smokes pot all day, flops herself down everywhere. I just love that,” Faris says, nearly swooning. She’s pitched the concept to a couple of producers, who, she says, bristled at mixing up kids with this kind of fecklessness. “I’m like, ‘No, no, no, you don’t understand, this is kind of like Adventures in Babysitting!"

Anna Faris: Blonde, Ambitious & In on the Joke

I want to see this Anna Faris movie.

15 Sep 2011 / 28 notes / anna faris 

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