Be Comfortable Kissing My Boyfriend In Public + 4 More Dating Resolutions for 2012

1. Eat dinner alone/ Go out to a gay bar alone - I have conquered going to the movies alone and I rather like that. Going out to dinner by myself is a goal I have had for a long time. I have no real need to do it; it’s just something I want to do. Also, I want to go out to a gay bar alone and see what happens.

2. Honesty in relationships - I want to be honest and direct with my feelings and needs instead of keeping things to myself this year. It’s the year of expressing myself.

3. Be comfortable with public affection - Now I don’t want to be disgusting with this because I roll my eyes when I see people swapping spit while standing next to me on a crowded train, but being gay and being able to kiss my boyfriend goodbye in a public space just shouldn’t be so hard.

4. Be more comfortable with myself - Seems easy for someone my age, but I need to not deny positive attention with sarcasm and self-deprecation, but you know be gracious about it at the same time.

5. Be confident and make eye contact with cute guys - This was at the top of my list before I started dating someone recently, but it still doesn’t hurt to follow this one I think.


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  1. up-schist-creek said: Note To File: You’re one of the cute guys, too!
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  3. sleeplessinsouthie said: I have the going to dinner/gay bars alone thing down pat, but I would feel sooooo uncomfortable at a movie alone :-/
  4. kl7 said: PS I love dining alone. Especially with a good book, though sometimes the waiters and waitresses take pity on you and become over attentive.