Lifetime Movie Titles: Real or Fake?

1. Baby for Sale
2. A Decent Proposal
3. Fatal Desire
4. Fatal Trust
5. Fatal Musk
6. Invisible Child
7. Imaginary Playmate
8. Making Mr. Right
9. Murder in the Hamptons
10. Murder at My Door
11. Murder Here
12. Murder There
13. Murder, Murder, Everywhere
14. My Nanny’s Secret
15. My Family’s Secret
16. My Secret Family
17. Secrets of the Summer House
18. Secrets in the Walls
19. Secretes in the Sheets
20. Wall of Secrets
21. The Stranger I Married
22. Stranger in Town
23. Stranger in My Bed
24. Stranger with My Face
25. Stranger Wearing Lace
26. Tell Me No Secrets
27. Tell Me No Lies
28. I Do (But I Don’t)
29. Hush Little Baby
30. Don’t You Cry

Fake (as of publication): 5, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19, 25, 30


17 Feb 2012 / 34 notes

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    The real issue is how many of these I’ve seen. And how NOT ASHAMED I am of it. Remind me to show you the big ass knife...
  4. bareback--contessa said: None are as good as Mother, May I Sleep with Danger
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  6. footagenotfound said: If “Fatal Musk” isn’t a movie within 6 months of today I’m burning down the internet. And Lifetime.
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