I really want to know what is motivating Bob Benson this season - like what is he doing just appearing out of nowhere? Not that I mind seeing James Wolk on the weekly.

Also, did anyone else get some subtle gay vibes during this season? Telling Pete that his “well being is also an interest of mine.”

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    i did sense that undertone. maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, im not sure yet. but i think bob is just trying to get as much...
  4. prawnsofthetiger said: Yes, all of this, who is he, is he gay, what??
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    I haven’t really been behind the ‘bob benson subtle gay vibes’ theory so far because i kind of want something weirder to...
  6. kl7 said: I’m super suspiciou as well, but how brilliant would it be if he was just a nice guy and our suspicion is revealing of our own world perception or something high-level commentary like that. Also Thank You Matthew Weiner for James Wolk in those shorts
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  10. karion said: Earlier in the season, he told a story about his dad being dead. Last night, he told Peter that the nurse nursed his dad back to health. He has an ulterior motive that has yet to be revealed.
  11. jss said: I totally got a gay vibe from his scene at Joan’s apartment. Not sure what his deal is, though. I hope he’s a genuine good guy.
  12. thenatwolff said: i actually thought that i missed an episode earlier in the season that explained Bob’s whole deal. and yes, this scene had a super gay tone to it. mostly bc Bob was just hanging out with Joan and didn’t seem to be trying to hit it. hmmmmm….
  13. gifthorsedentistry said: he is actually Clark Kent. all of Mad Men is a promo for Man of Steel
  14. maltyk said: i hope he is just a nice guy. there has to be at least one nice person on that show
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